DPSoccer Academy Inc. (Dribble, Pass and Shoot), began in 2003. The company provides top level coaching and player development programs to local youth players, schools and organizations.

DPS offers weekly training sessions from October to December (Fall Program), January to March (Winter Program), and March to June (Spring Program). These Player Development sessions are open to players from U5 to U15.

The session programs focus on skill development and have a specific theme. DPS low player to coaching ratio (maximum of 10 players/coach) enables players to receive regular and accurate feedback on how to improve Players are challenged from their first touch on the ball. Our proven technical exercises are designed to perfect a players first touch, to make every player equally adept with both feet, and ultimately increase each players overall comfort level with the ball. At the same time the exercise will encourage tactical understanding and decision-making.

Session theme topics covered within DPSoccer 9 week program includes:

Weeks 1-3
– Individual attacking: Moves and Turns to beat defenders

Weeks 5-7
– Passing and Support: focus on 1st touch

Weeks 8-10
– Ball striking, shooting and finishing

Week 4 & 9
– Technical Skills Evaluation
– U5-U6 introduces young children to soccer in a fun, non-threatening and child-friendly way where the coaches work with children to introduce the basic skills of the game
– U5-U8 is the starting point for development where children are introduced to appropriate activities to help teach the game and the basic skills.
– U7-U8 progression from individual skill games to the 3 vs 3 micro soccer game where the philosophy is that the game is the teacher. Young players receive instruction on soccer skills and team play and are provided with the opportunity to gain many touches on the ball and self-discover.

– U9 – U15 this Phase is the optimum time to develop skills and begin to develop the game savvy that is so important in later soccer years. Between the ages of 8-12  is considered as the golden age of learning.

This is the time when children have become more coordinated and balanced and want to know more and do more. Development moves from playing 3 vs 3 to 4 vs 4 , 7 vs 7, play and there is an increased emphasis on skills development in small groups.

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