We provide a “hands on” program to assist student athletes to develop, improve and utilize their athletic skill and academic abilities to access the best possible U.S. University scholarship opportunities available to them.

Academic success and achievement is a major component of the program. We will provide advice regarding academic eligibility and requirements, individual academic/athletic match-ups, SAT / ACT preparation courses and testing dates. In order to provide the student athlete with a university/college placement where there will be the best chance to succeed and graduate.

Our coaching staff are well qualified and experienced. They have developed a positive rapport with college/university coaches over a number of years. DPSoccer works with Premier College combines to provide players with an avenue to showcase their skills and academic abilities to college coaches.

Most student athletes have a very difficult time assessing their ability to obtain an athletic scholarship. There are many reasons for this:
• The tendency to underrate your skills and abilities.
• The lack of knowledge, particularly of the U.S. University/College system where athletic scholarships are a way of life.
• The belief that only the elite athlete will be in demand.
Knowledge of the entire athletic scholarship procedure that is a focus in the American high school programs, is very foreign to most secondary schools in Canada.

DPSoccer graduates have gone on to play in many US and Canadian Universities. Bruno and Paul have both been through the process and have provided direction and guidance to players and their families.

• Recent US and Canadian DPS Graduates

 Julian Giannotti
 Matthew Ferguson
 Ashley Muscat
 Jordyn Kemp
 Andrew Ferguson
 Rachael Lolua
 Brenden Springer
 Justin Springer
 Anthony Kosta
 Christian Truyen
 Konstantine Dekaneas

Jordan VanHaaster